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What is FOXCI token?

FOXCI is a token designed for the most active users who contribute to the development of Twinci.

By introducing friends to the Dapp, buying or selling NFT, you will receive a certain amount of FOXCI tokens.

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How does the FOXCI reward work?

  • 1,000% for referrers
  • 2,000% for NFTs sellers on Twinci
  • 2,000% for NFTs buyers on Twinci
  • Tokens are not minted beforehand to keep it fair for the community.

How to earn FOXCI token?

Login Twinci


Login, connect your wallet and go to “Referral”
Details Instructions here


Introduce your friends, when they sell NFTs you will receive tokens or when you buy or sell NFTs yourself, you will also receive Foxci tokens = 2,000% x the number of Twins sold.


The ultimate goal of FOXCI is
to ensure that our users are rewarded.

What is Foxci token used for?

You can sell Foxci tokens in July or stake Foxci tokens to receive lifetime Twinci tokens. We will allocate annual business profits based on the percentage of Foxci you hold.

How to claim FOXCI token?

You need to have at least 100 Twins in your wallet to activate the Withdraw function, this 100 Twin will not be consumed or lost.

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